Team Role Contract

2 points

Upload your contracts as a PDF to this Google Drive folder.

This document will define how you’ll work together as a team. It’ll be revised after your mid-term peer evaluations. It’s definitely subject to change; think of it as a planning document that will guide a series of ongoing conversations amongst your team.

List what tasks / areas / deliverables each person is responsible for (be as specific as possible, and make sure to account for every assignment on the syllabus)
Write up how you want to communicate as a team and the team culture you want to establish / things you want to avoid
Write up detailed description of unknowns / items to adjust at mid-term
Agree upon how much time outside of class each week each team member commits to spend on the project

Grading rubric:
2 – Does everything required, plus demonstrates exceptional effort / polish (especially good writing and clear thinking, nice formatting, etc.)
1.75 – Does everything required, plus demonstrates some additional effort / polish
1.5 – Does everything required
1.25 – Omits a key requirement and / or shows a lack of effort

0 – 1 – Needs serious help.

Need a nudge? Check out this example! Also, here’s a great list of things to consider as you’re making your contract.