Operational Project

20 points

The project toward which this entire class has been building.


  • Your project should be clearly linked to from your project website. In particular:
    • If your project is web-based, a link to the site will suffice.
    • If your project is a native app, a screen recording of the app functioning should be posted.
    • If your project is some sort of other experience (voice skill / Microsoft HoloLens, etc.), include whatever medium you think best to show your project in action.
  • Additionally, you must include all the files necessary to recreate the project. In particular:
    • If the project is a native app , you should upload a zip of all your project files to your project site and link to that.
    • If your project’s code lives primarily in a web editor (like an Alexa skill / Google Action), save as plain text files the code that lives on the web along with instructions for recreation and post those files as a .zip on your site.
    • If your project includes a key data set, an export of that data set must be included.


As has been the case all semester, standards for your final project are high. To earn an A, your project must be truly outstanding in one or more ways. A very good project should earn an A- or B+, and a solid project should earn a B or B-.

Your attitude for the final project (as with everything else for the class) should be “How good can we make it?” not “What’s the least I need to do?”. In particular, we’ll pay attention to:

  • Essential functionality: does the project successfully function as intended?
  • Technical accomplishment: does the project have a particularly impressive technical feature?
  • Visual / aesthetic design: is the project aesthetically pleasing?
  • User experience design: does the project show empathy and consideration for its intended users?
  • Polish: is the app well-finished, or does it contain many rough edges?

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