Project Trailer

5 points

Create a 45-90 second video trailer for your project.

A great movie trailer:

  • provides the audience with the essential details of what the movie will be about
  • gets the audience excited to see the movie
  • doesn’t give too much away
  • entertains the audience

You should aim to accomplish the same goals, but for your app. These trailers will be shown at SLAM before the guests visit your booths. Think about the knowledge and mindset you want them to have as they head to your booths and design your trailer accordingly.

A few details / considerations:

  • This isn’t a film class, but we do expect a certain level of quality. Shots should be in focus and steady; audio should be clear. If you need help with technical issues, talk to us—we’re happy to help!
  • You can use any mix you wish of live action, screen captures, animation, etc.
  • Be sure that you have the rights to use any video, images, and audio that you did not directly create
  • In terms of tone, feel free to choose what best matches your brand (polished / funny / uplifting / etc.), but be sure that your content’s appropriate for a general audience—we’ve had everyone from kids to grandparents attend SLAM.

Upload your project trailer as a 1080p (or better) .mp4 file to this Google Drive folder.You can also view previous semesters’s trailers in that folder.[/footnote.]