4 – 1.1 + launch / social deliverables + resume

Checkpoint Four

Checkpoint Four Assignments (10 points total / 2.5 points each)


Each of the four items below will be graded according to the following scale.

  • 2.5 points: 🔥 
  • 2 points: 👏 
  • 1.5 points: 👍 
  • 1 point: 😐 
  • .5 points:🤦‍♂️ / 🤦‍♀️ 
  • 0 points: 👻 
0. Stage presentation beta
  • An engaging, general-audience-focused overview on the why, what, and how of your project
  • You can be as direct or as creative in your presentation as you’d like
  • Up to five minutes long
  • Any combination of team members may present
  • Slides should be polished and leverage a true presentation format (Keynote, Google Slides, etc.)
  • Content, delivery, technical transitions, etc. should all be thoroughly rehearsed
1. 1.1
  • If your 1.0 was a minimum viable product, it’s time to make your product a little less minimum and a little more viable
  • Major bug fixes and aesthetic improvements, along with a small (2-4 items) handful of additional features should be your focus
  • Again, post your project files to your website in a recreate-able format
2. Launch / handoff / social deliverables
  • Get everything ready to actually launch or handoff your product (or at least pretend like you are 😉)
  • If you’re submitting to an App Store, prepare all necessary materials (App Store descriptions, screenshots, support pages, etc.) and coordinate with your mentor to begin this process. (If you’re submitting to the Apple App Store, check out this guide to get started.)
  • If your project is client-based, create all necessary documentation to handoff the project to your client
  • If neither of the above, prepare your choice of promo materials—a landing page, a Mailchimp campaign, brief social campaigns, etc.
  • Collect all these efforts on your website
3. Resume
  • This one is easy. Each and every team member should have their polished resume uploaded to this Google Drive Folder.
‼️ One More Important Task ‼️

Just like we gather feedback from you at the end of the semester, we also like to hear from our clients! Go ahead and check out the Capstone Client Feedback assignment. Don’t worry. It’ll only take a minute. 

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